Vinyl Fence

Why choose a vinyl fence ?

Have you noticed all of these white vinyl fences around Cape Coral and Fort Myers? Over the last decade, popularity and demand for vinyl fencing has drastically increased. The fencing experts at McFarlane's Construction has been bringing quality installs and products to our area.

One of the amazing factors is the low maintenance aspect of these fences.  All you need to rejuvenate these fences is good old soap and water. The ease of maintenance has been the key attribute to this privacy fence style popularity.

Yard Privacy fence in Cape Coral
6 foot pvc white fence in Fort Myers

Vinyl / PVC fences is very popular as an alternative to wooden fences. The available color choices, height, gate configurations make this style a very attractive option. McFarlane's has the ability to design, install, and build the fence of your dream.

Colors choices have become a big hit with Cape Coral and Fort Myers Residents. Whether you are looking for white, tan, combination, wood grain, and more... We can help ensure that our quality will far surpass your expectation.

Vinyl Fence Colors


  • White
  • Black
  • Tan and White
  • Wood Grain
  • Grey
Vinyl fence install in Cape Coral Florida
Double Gate Fencing intallation in Cape Coral Florida

Height Configurations




Cape Coral PVC Vinyl Fence

Our Cape Coral PVC Fence is sometimes known as vinyl or plastic fence but is constructed from PVC Fencing Material. PVC Fences are an excellent choice for clean and durable look without the added annoyance of constant maintenance. Vinyl PVC Fencing comes in a variety of different styles of PVC fence, the styles include : Privacy Fence, Picket Fence, and/or Farm Style Fences. PVC fences are made from corrosive free durable pvc material that is often utilized for water lines. To add some originality to your fence, these come in a varierty of colors including white, tan, 2 tone and gray. Surprisingly enough the added expense of going from a wooden fence to a PVC Vinyl fence is very minimal, and very much worth the added expense.  If you are looking for a PVC vinyl Fence in the Cape Coral area, fill out our FREE ESTIMATE FORM and we will be in touch very soon!

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