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White Vinyl Privacy Fence Installation in Cape Coral, FL

Many people want a secure fence that is also aesthetically pleasing. Wood fencing has been popular for years as a choice for a residential fence.  McFarlane's offers a wide variety of styles and materials of the highest quality in wood fencing.

One thing to keep in mind, when choosing a wood fence for your home, is that the quality depends on the type of wood that you select.  Our experienced contractors can help you find the type that is best suited for your home.

While wood fencing is less expensive, can be painted, and offers several styles, it can be prone to weather damage over time and requires yearly maintenance.

White Vinyl Backyard Fence in Cape Coral, FL

Vinyl fencing is another option for a residential fence.  They are more flexible and stronger than a wooden fence.  It's the perfect option if you want a fence that is virtually maintenance free.  However, you do need to avoid vinyl fencing that is cheaps.  It will fade over time and can be prone to cracking when exposed to cold weather and the suns UV rays for long periods.

Vinyl fencing is one of our specialties.  Our residential vinyl fences are made with impact modifiers and UV inhibitors that strengthens it against bad weather, increasing its lifespan.  Our skilled contractors have years of experience in installing vinyl fencing and know what will work best for your needs.

Aluminum metal Fence Cape Coral

Chain link fences are a good choice if you are just looking to create a border around the home, or want a fence that won't obstruct your view. While they don't offer as much privacy they are durable, secure, and long-lasting.  It's also a low-cost option that is height customizable.  You can choose between a galvanized or vinyl option, and the diameter of the open spaces in the weaving.

The fence you choose will depend on what you want it to do: give privacy, offer security, or increase the value of your home.  Our team at McFarlane's Construction can take the hassle out of finding and installing the perfect fence for your home.

Cape Coral Fence Installation Privacy White Vinyl Fencing

Choose the best fence style for your Cape Coral home!

Our residential fencing is top of the line in Cape Coral and the surrounding area of Lee County.  There are several styles and materials to choose from and we can help you find the fence that suits your needs and your homes' style.

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Your home is your castle and something that you want to protect.  A high-quality residential fence from McFarlane's Construction in Cape Coral offers you that security.  It can also raise the value of your home, offer you privacy, and keep your pets or children safe.  McFarlane's has qualified staff and a trained team of experts who can help you find the perfect fence to suit your home.

White Vinyl Backyard Fence in Cape Coral, FL
White Vinyl Privacy Fence Installation in Cape Coral, FL
aluminum fence cape coral
Aluminum Fence in Cape Coral, FL

Quality fencing will enhance the value of your home!

Some homeowners like the look of wrought iron fencing or want to improve their home security, without paying the expense of installing a wrought iron fence.  In these instances, a chain link fence is a good choice.  Aluminum is a lightweight material that is resistant to corrosion, unlike wrought iron, making it a long-lasting option that improves security.

Aluminum fencing is also easy to install and easy to maintain. One thing to consider, however, is that it doesn't offer the privacy that you get from other fence types.  It does give your Cape Coral home a more elegant appeal though.

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