Cape Coral Fence Permit Guidelines | Residential

Cape Coral Fence Permit Guidelines for Residential Properties

Cape Coral Chain Link Fence Installation
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Double Gate Fencing intallation in Cape Coral Florida

*According to LDR Section 3.9.2 Page 228, All fences require permits.
*If a structural fence (concrete block wall), engineered plans are required.
CGC, CBC, CRC, Specialty Fence Erection, or Owner/Builder may apply for permit.

Fence/Enclosure application. Two (2) site plans showing the following: (A copy may be
obtained at the City Clerk’s office).

***Location of fence (all dimensions) and gate(s).
*** Location of canal or water way (if property abuts either).
***Location of Side Street, (if property is on corner lot).
***Location of all existing structures.

NOC required if value is $2500 or greater.
Owner Builder Affidavit (if homeowner).
Burrowing Owl/Gopher Tortoise Affidavit
Manufacturer Specification Sheet - Aluminum or Galvanized Steel Panel Fences ONLY
Provide fence panel, latch and hinge details (FOR POOLS)

Specify type/material, height and location of fence to be installed, and if fence is for a pool or not.

Examples of Types of Acceptable Fences (Up to 6 ft.):

o Wood (decay resistant or pressure treated only)
o Concrete Block with Stucco (CBS)
o Reinforced Concrete with or without Stucco
o Stone or Brick, including Cast Stone or Brick
o Wrought Iron
o Aluminum
o Galvanized Steel Panels painted w/ Alkali Resistant Coatings (e.g. bituminous paint/
mothacrylate lacquer)
o Chain-link without slats
o Plastic/Vinyl and PVC



CSR to approve over the counter only if the following apply:
o Fence is 6 ft. or less.
o Fence material is chain link, vinyl, PVC or wood
o Property is not on water,corner lot, double frontage, alley or species retriction.
o Fence is not associated with a pool.

Plans Reviewer to approve all others:

Building (If for a pool)
Species (if Owl or Gopher Tortoise; Eagle only if concrete


Type: Fence CSR or Fence (if ANY Plans Review is required)
Subtype: Residential

Notice of Commencement (NOC)
BLD Retaining Wall Footer (051)
BLD Retaining Wall Cap (056)
Fence (052)

Fees: Fence
20 *only if concrete
30 *only if concrete
*No for stand-alone permit / Yes for fence associated with a pool.
Concrete Fence $328.00 *for concrete wall
Surcharge YES/NO
*No for stand-alone permit / Yes for fence associated with a pool.

Two (2) months

Any fencing within 20 ft. of the rear property line on waterfront sites must be of 75% open mesh* above
a height of 3 ft.. (Ord. 62-10)
If property abuts an alley, fence may abut the alley. (Ord. 62-10)
No fence shall enclose any utility meter. (Ord. 62-10)
Fence may not extend beyond the front of the primary structure.
Fence must not enclose any front portion of home.
Double frontage lots shall meet front yard regulation on all adjacent streets. The frontage on the
adjacent streets shall have the established setback for the particular zoning district, but in no instance,
be less than 25 feet.
2/7/08 Per the Building Official, customers cannot attach their fence to their neighbor’s fence. They are
required to remain on their own property even if there is only 1/8” between fences. Each must have
their own post.
Fence may be constructed on rear and side of property lines. The 4" of concrete around the posts may
not extend on to the neighbors property.
A fence within utility easements (6ft) is the owner’s responsibility during any utility construction.

Concrete walls CANNOT be placed in the utility easement.

Chain Link
o Line posts set a maximum 10 ft. apart and set 24 inches deep.
o Concrete must extend at least 4 inches around post full depth of footing.
o No slats allowed.

PVC / Wood Privacy Fence (finished side must face out)
o If fence or wall is constructed in such a way that only one (1) side of the fence is “finished”, then
the “finished” side of the fence shall face outward toward the street or adjoining property (facing
away from the property on which it is erected). (Ord. 62-10)

Minimum post construction:
o 4” X 4” (pressure treated wood set not more than 8 ft. apart).
o Post footings must be set in concrete a minimum of 24 inches deep.
o Concrete must extend at least 4 inches around post to full depth of footing.

Swimming Pool Barrier Fence Minimum post construction:
o Must comply with FBC (Florida Building Code) (additional requirements Section 454.2.17.1
Concrete Fences will require engineering details (signed and sealed code compliant

Miscellaneous Fence Requirements
Fence CANNOT be constructed on unimproved property (Ord. 28-14)
Property pins must be exposed. If property pins can not be located a current legal survey will be
Permit board and approved/reviewed drawings (site plan) must be on site. Fence must not exceed
6’ 0” in height.
The finished side must be facing the outside.
All surrounding lots must be cleaned of all debris and dirt mounds leveled.
For older homes that do not have an available site plan from the City Clerk’s office a NEATLY hand
drawn one may be used if it includes the following:
o Lot dimensions
o Street name
o Address, lot, blk and unit
o Foot print of the house with setbacks
o Location and dimensions of fence with gates clearly marked.
o Property pins must be exposed when using hand drawn site plans. If pins can't be located a new
surevey will be required

1. Must be a minimum of 48” high.
2. Must have a 54” gate that is self-closing/latching. Need latch and hinge specs.
3. Gate must swing out.
4. All sides of fence must belong to the property. Neighbor’s fences cannot be used.
5. Provide two copies of the fence panel details (see attached sample)


Calculations for meeting the 75% open mesh requirement for fences within
the last 20ft and over 3ft in height on waterfront lots. (1 panel calculation)
* Open mesh is the total of the combined components of the posts, rails and pickets making up the area of
the Fence sections.

1. Post height in inches X Post width in inches X 1

2. Rail length in inches X Rail width in inches X number of rails (from 1 panel)

3. Picket height in inches X Picket width in inches X number of pickets (from 1 panel)

Add totals together. This gives the square footage the fence is using of closed space. Calculate the square
footage of the fence panel.
Ex. A 4 foot high X 6 foot long panel = 24 square feet
Calculate the amount allowed of closed fence area, which would be 25%
4’ X 6’ X .25 = 6’
This is the amount of closed space allowed on this fence panel.
The total of the post, rails, and pickets calculations should be EQUAL TO OR LESS than this amount.

Click here to see the detailed Sheet from City of Cape Coral. 


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